Always the First and Always the Best: TheFitExpo Virtual is Here!
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LIVE during the September 26-27, 2020 launch
TheFitExpo Virtual Experience is the renowned FitExpo re-envisioned for the future! As "The Fitness Expo Innovators", we announced this endeavor months ago and as always, the industry followed our lead! But, you can count on TheFitExpo Virtual Experience to be the first and one-of-a-kind online CELEBRATION of all things health & fitness!  

As the world adjusts to its new normal, we have been busy behind the scenes crafting an event to bring directly to you, our Fit Fam, that will keep you inspired and active as we continue to be your “Premier Health & Fitness Event"!

Mark your calendar for TheFitExpo Virtual Experience, LIVE during the September 26-27, 2020 launch and most content will be accessible to come back again as often as you like until December 31st, 2020. Upon initial entry, attendees will have access to a shopping bag filled with many $$$ worth of gift cards & special offers as well as the chance to win valuable prizes and giveaways.
What’s in TheFitExpo Virtual World…
Come inside TheFitExpo Virtual Expo and shop till you drop in the Virtual Expo Hall where the best health, sports, and fitness companies share their brands and products with you. Click over to the Competition Court to watch Powerlifting, Strongman, Bar Calisthenics, and the MaxReps4Cash semi-finalists compete LIVE during the pushup-up and pull-up competitions.  You can participate in group exercise classes at home and alongside a powerful line-up of instructors at The Group Training Zone. Attend educational seminars at TheFitExpo Theatre where you can ask professionals, athletes, and influencers all of your questions.
Head over to The Training Camp for on-Demand options featuring your favorite pros sharing their technique, and pickup the latest nutrition and lifestyle tips at The Healthy Eating Kitchen and The Healthy Living Room. Seeking a new career? Visit The Fitness Career Center to check out the latest job postings.
In addition to all of the great programming you normally expect at TheFitExpo, this new virtual environment also offers Podcast Nation. Filled with popular podcasts that cover a range of fitness and business conversations as well as amazing chats with top athletes, you’re sure to find something new to listen to.  Over at The Auction House, you can bid on unique experiences and items during the LIVE launch dates with all proceeds going to charity.
Got social? Get together with like-minded fitness enthusiasts and post on our Sparkle Board to get involved with the FitFam. Enter to win prize drawings and more surprises when you tour the Virtual Exhibit Hall and chat with exhibitors one on one.

TheFitExpo Virtual Experience is for the people which is why we are only charging $5 for a two-day live event that includes a three-month come and go subscription. Follow the innovators of Fitness Expos as we deliver the next level of our events.

GET YOUR TICKETS NOW and check back weekly for more information!
Updates on the Fitness Industry...
Proud Supporter of Small Business Affected by Shutdown

As our fitness businesses re-open, make it a point to buy direct from these companies. Support them in our virtual expo hall and help them come back strong!
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