T'was the MONTH before TheFitExpo Los Angeles
Holiday Tale

the month before

TheFitExpo Los Angeles
When all through the town,
TheFitExpo Special Guests were traveling

And No One Was Around.

But the Team at TheFitExpo
Was working so hard and so fast
To make sure the 1/26 & 1/27 LA event
Will be an absolute blast!

We have posted their bios
on the website with care,
and visited Los Angeles business and gyms
so our super fans are aware

Of all our amazing competitions
and special events, too
So that people would dream
of TheFitExpo ....Yes YOU!
So as you gather to celebrate
this holiday season
Think of TheFitExpo Los Angeles
and think of your reason...

to buy your ticket
and plan with care,
so that you won't miss out
cause everyone will be there!
So, off you go mighty fitness fans
follow this link
Sign up now and then rally your friends
It's easier than you think!
Happy Holidays to you
Check out the below
and dream of your transforming weekend
at TheFitExpo!
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